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We use lasers to detect decay, sterilize the preparations and to treat gum disease. All of these procedures can be done without shots in your mouth and are pain-free.

In an effort to treat real decay and not “it may be decay”, we have been using a special laser for several years now that actually tells us if the dark area is decay or stain. We have had patients from our office and other offices checked with the Diagnodent laser and found that what looks like decay was not decay but only stain. We have also found unseen decay (before it is visible) and were able to restore the defect without destroying a lot of good tooth structure.

Another way we use lasers is when we work in an infected area, we can use the laser to sterilize the tooth or tissue for up to 90 days. This allows your body to heal itself without bacterial involvement. This can be especially useful in root canals that have a lot of infection. It is also very helpful in patient’s canker sores. We expose the affected area for 2 minutes at a specified power setting and the organism is destroyed. The cold sore will not return in that area again.

When you have gum disease, we use the laser in the gum pockets that do not respond to scaling and cleaning therapy. Again, no shots, no scalpel, and no pain. You can eat after the laser treatment for periodontal disease.