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Crest and Colgate have been rated as the best by most dental schools across the nation. However, you cannot get them in fluoride free form. The amount of fluoride in these pastes is not at the level to cause any harm. If you or your children are prone to decay, they are a good choice. If you are holistic in your approach to life and don’t want fluoride then Perio pastes from BIOPRO and Oxyfresh are good choices. Periopaste toothpaste is herbal and has CoQ10 in solution. CoQ10 is an important antioxidant for the healing process. This decreases the chance of oral disease. Oxyfresh is a good choice to aide in whitening but has no beneficial effect against oral disease like the Periopaste. There is also a mouth rinse from BIOPRO called Perioclear that is very effective in clearing up bleeding gum tissue. All of these products are available in both of my offices.