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As a young child (2 yrs- 7 yrs old) a soft hand toothbrush is best. For them the vibration of the electric brush is scary. I never recommend a battery-driven toothbrush, they do not clean the teeth and gums well enough. As they get older I would recommend the Oral-B Vitality electric toothbrush. It is half speed (as compared to adult electric brushes) and cleans 20 times better than the handheld brush. An adolescent or adult would need the Oral-B Triumph electric brush. It comes with a floss- aide head and is estimated to be 40 times better than a handheld brush. Proper technique is to hold it at the tooth-gum junction and move it to the next tooth then the next and so on. Do not scrub horizontally with any brush as it may cause erosions at the gum line. Oral-B has over 90% of the electric toothbrush market and spends a lot of money on research and development. The good thing is their product is top of the line. Although they do not replace flossing or dental check-ups, you will see a big difference in your oral condition and lack of dental work needed. Currently, you can get these at SAM’S Club or COSCO at a price of 2/ $100. The regular cost is $138 each, so this is a great buy! Another suggestion is that you only plug in the charger when it requires charging. Keeping it on the activated charger all the time will kill the battery within a 2- 3 year period. Doing it the way I suggest will allow the battery to last for many years.