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With the new technology we have (Cerec 3D), we can now do your crown(s) on the same day and at the same appointment. It takes from 2-3 hours depending on the number of crowns you need. There are no more temporaries, so you don’t have to worry about sensitivity or the temporary crowns coming off during your 2-3 week waiting period for the laboratory to finish your final crown. Since you are numb for the whole appointment, there is no sensitivity when we bond the final crown into place. In addition, the Cerec 3D machine makes the crown so precisely that the bite adjustment is very quick.

We recently had a mother whose daughter was getting married on the weekend and her front tooth fractured. We were able to fabricate her final crown the same day and she had her beautiful smile in time for her daughter’s wedding 2 days later. This is a great service and we offer it to all of our patients. If you need more information you can call our office at 317-578-1933 or 765-649-3388.