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Have you considered brightening your smile? You can have a whiter, brighter smile by using any of the 3 whitening systems that we use in our office. If you have discolored teeth due to age, smoking, or staining, it may be just what you need to improve one of your best assets- your smile.

We have 3 systems in place in our office to meet your individual requirements. If you are not a person who has the tenacity to wear trays each night, then Zoom or Tres Whitening systems may be for you. Zoom is done in one 2 hour visit ($450) and we also provide touch up trays for when you think you need a touch up (usually 1-2 times /year). Tre’s system is worn 30 minutes each day for 10 days ($150). The 3rd system is night-time trays worn for 3 hours ($275). This system usually takes 3 weeks.

I think Tre’s system($150) works as well as the other tray system($275), but many people already have the tray system, so we provide the gel for those who have their trays made already. If you need more info call either of the following telephone numbers: